Market Segments

Market Communication

FCI OEN Connectors is the key supplier to companies manufacturing telecommunication switching and transmission equipments. FCI OEN Connectors has market leadership in the entire range of DIN and 2 mm high density connectors exclusively used in new generation equipments. FCI OEN Connectors has the definite advantage that it can draw from FCI's worldwide resources to add new range of products to service the converging markets of datacom and telecom that require rapid, innovative solutions to meet ever-changing demands.

The areas we cater in the domain of Communications are:

  • Switching / Routing / Access / Transmission
  • Wireless Base Station
  • Wireless Technology Premises Equipment


Industrial & Instrumentation

Always attentive to the diversified needs of Industrial equipment manufacturers. FCI OEN Connectors offers a range of competitive options for industrial equipments including servo drivers, motors, machine tools and instruments, harsh industrial environments such as railways, petrochemical plants and nuclear facilities.

  • Business & Retail Equipment
  • Industrial Control Equipment
  • Instrumentation & Medical